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Industrial Rehabilitation

Industrial/Work Rehabilitation

Our Physical Therapy North team is skilled in the evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic injuries and conditions resulting from work-related injury with a goal of maximizing the injured worker's function and returning them to productive work as quickly and safely as possible. Therapists have received training through Blankenship, Isernhagen, Matheson, and WorkSaver Systems. The overall goals of PTN’s Industrial Program are to reduce the risk of new and repeat injuries and assist employers in providing a safe work environment with reduced costs associated with workers' compensation claims.

Work Evaluation Services

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

This is a comprehensive evaluation that measures an individual’s feasibility for work within a specific job, occupational classification, or physical demand level. It can be used to identify modified work capabilities, suggest the need for additional therapy services, and/or to assist physicians in determining return to work restrictions.

Pre-Employment Testing

This is a physical abilities assessment using a protocol based on the essential functions of a specific job or occupational classification. The post-offer screening test will assess the ability of a prospective or existing employee to perform the essential job functions. The assessment is beneficial in establishing a baseline to which comparisons can be made following any future work-related injury.

Early Intervention Services

Body Mechanics Education/Coaching

Employees are seen on the job for posture and body mechanics education while performing their job duties. This 1:1 ration provides the opportunity for an employee to meet individually with a trained professional. This program is designed in order to reduce the likelihood of a future injury or aggravation.

Work Injury Treatment Services

Work Conditioning/Work Hardening Programs

These programs bridge the gap between active treatment and the employee’s return to work. These functional restoration programs are designed to concentrate on advanced strengthening and conditioning to progressively improve the injured worker's occupational performance. Both programs are individualized with the goal of returning to work.

  • Work Hardening: Daily, 4+ hours/session, strength and conditioning blended in with simulated work tasks utilizing equipment and tools used on the job. Multidisciplinary approach.
  • Work Conditioning: 3 – 5 days/week, 2 – 4 hours/session, focus on entire body strength and conditioning to restore function. At times includes work-simulated tasks.

Commonly Seen Diagnoses and Conditions

  • All musculoskeletal work-related injuries

To view our therapists' credentials or for information on our orthopedic surgeons and interventional pain management team, please visit the Sports Medicine North specialists link.

Our Specialists

Work-related injury services are offered at our Peabody location.
Peabody: (978) 535-1213