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Our occupational health doctors at Sports Medicine North are the North Shore's recognized experts in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of patients' work-related injuries and conditions.

Occupational health is a medical specialty that involves the prevention and treatment of conditions and injuries that occur in the workplace. At Sports Medicine North, we have an occupational health clinic completely dedicated to the welfare of the worker and the prevention of work-related injuries. We believe both employers and their employees should have access to a full continuum of occupational health services in one convenient location in order to limit restrictions and reduce costs and lost work time. Our primary goal is to return injured workers to the workplace and their healthy, active lifestyles. Our doctors tailor each Return to Work (RTW) plan to the individual employee, based on the specific injury and their job requirements. There is no “standard” set of restrictions or “typical” lost work time. Based on our experience, the majority of injured workers treated by our physicians are able to return to work with modified restrictions on the first visit.

We provide comprehensive occupational health services that enables employers to reduce costs and lost work time. Location within this dynamic practice affords employers a one-stop comprehensive approach to employee care through immediate access to on-site doctors, physical therapy, and ancillary services. Our occupational health specialists are experts in the assessment and treatment of a wide array of conditions and injuries sustained in the workplace and will work with the employee to develop an individualized plan to restore their health and return them to work.

Our doctors provide a variety of occupational health services to not only help the employee return to work but also to ensure the safety of the employee once they are back in the workplace in order to help prevent further injury from occurring in the future. Some of those occupational health services include the following:

Preplacement, Prevention & Regulatory Compliance

  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Fitness for duty
  • Functional capacity evaluation
  • Job site analysis
  • Physical exams and screenings
  • Return-to-work evaluations

Injury and Illness Management

  • Consultation with physician specialists
  • Electronic links to local ERs and hospitals
  • Occupational medicine including health consultation and treatment
  • On-site X-rays and MRI imaging
  • Physical and occupational therapy services

Please be assured that although highly skilled in using the latest surgical methods, our doctors always consider using nonsurgical methods first to restore your health and get you back to work. However, if conservative methods do not provide adequate relief and surgery is absolutely necessary to ensure a complete recovery, our surgeons are able to offer the latest advancements in state-of-the-art surgical procedures that promote an effective return to the workplace. 

To consult with an occupational health services specialist at Sports Medicine North, please request an appointment online or call (978) 818-6350. We have three offices conveniently located in Peabody, Beverly, and Newburyport

Why Choose Sports Medicine North?

At Sports Medicine North, our occupational health services experts understand that conditions and injuries affecting your bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments can make working or getting back to work difficult. Our occupational health doctors have all completed additional training focusing their education on obtaining the advanced skills and knowledge to specifically treat a variety of orthopedic injuries and conditions. With this advanced training, they all have the experience and expertise to assess, diagnose, and treat your work-related injury.

Additionally, our licensed physical therapists at Physical Therapy North are committed to providing integrated, state-of-the-art physical and occupational therapy care and rehabilitation. They are skilled in the evaluation of acute and chronic injuries and conditions resulting from a work-related injury and have the goal of maximizing the injured employee's function and returning them to productive work as quickly and safely as possible. They work closely with our specialists and take a team approach to develop a treatment plan that is specialized to your individual needs. 

To consult with one of our Sports Medicine North occupational health doctors about your injury and the available treatment options, please request an appointment online or call (978) 818-6350.