Surgery Preparation/Recovery

Sports Medicine North’s surgeons and specialists believe in offering a conservative approach to treatment. However, sometimes surgery is necessary to offer you the best outcome. Should your doctor recommend surgery, please understand that you are in a highly specialized orthopedic surgical facility, whose surgeons and specialists are among the most highly trained and qualified in the region.

Guidelines For Surgery Preparation & Recovery at Sports Medicine North

Pre-Surgery Preparation

A member of the Hospital or ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center) team will contact you the day before your surgery to confirm the time of your surgery. At that time, we will also review any special instructions you will need to follow in preparation for your surgery.

Day of Surgery

Your arrival time will be one or two hours prior to your actual surgery time. This is to allow time for necessary tasks, including registration, preparation, anesthesia, etc. Please note that surgery may be delayed or even canceled due to emergencies.

Food & Drink

We recommend eating a light dinner and drinking fluids the evening before your surgery. Please do not consume milk products or food after midnight of the evening prior to your surgery date—this includes gum and mints. Additionally, we recommend that you do not smoke or consume alcohol for at least 48 hours prior to surgery.