Neck Pillows: Helpful or Harmful?

Neck pillows always look comfortable when you see them on a store shelf or on an airplane, but are they really worth it? Find out the advantages as well as what you should beware of before using one.

While neck pillows help to ease the discomfort of sitting in an airplane or in a car, you should always consult an orthopedic expert to ensure you are able to use one.

While there are warning labels associated with neck pillows, they have a wide array of benefits as well:

  • Memory foam neck pillows are beneficial because of their custom-fit feel, matching the contours of your neck and back.
  • Neck pillows are small in stature and can easily be stored in a carry-on for air travel.
  • Neck pillows encourage proper posture because they force the head to stay straight, rather than leaning forward or side-to-side.
  • Those who have high sensitivity in their neck may find neck pillows very useful because of the support they provide.

Neck pillows come in many forms, sizes, and shapes, ranging from soft, gel-filled pillows to pillows filled with rice. Neck pillows aren’t just restricted to travel; users can even take the convenient pillows to work to provide added comfort.

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