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Providing essential orthopedic services while helping prevent the spread of COVID-19, Sports Medicine North remains open while also offering telehealth as an approach to seeing patients with bone, joint and muscle concerns in lieu of office visits. This approach enables patients to safely visit with one of the practice’s specialty-trained providers remotely using live video chat technology. For urgent needs, the practice offers in-office appointments while following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help ease the burden on hospitals and traditional urgent care facilities.

“Here at Sports Medicine North, we are taking every precaution given the growing number of cases of COVID-19, and we are committed to providing orthopedic care to the community while also keeping our patients and staff safe,” says Dr. David Fehnel, fellowship-trained sports medicine surgeon at Sports Medicine North. “As an essential health care organization, we are open for both new and existing patients, offering in-office and telehealth appointments so you can be seen safely for all your bone, joint and muscle needs.”

Through telehealth, the practice’s specialty-trained experts are able to provide follow-up appointments as well as consultation and advice for most bone, joint and muscle injuries. This secure technology complies with federal health privacy laws and offers area residents high-quality orthopedic care without risk to themselves and others. For treatment and services that require in-office visits, Sports Medicine North is following CDC and local health safety guidelines. 

“Telehealth allows our health care providers an additional way to evaluate, diagnose and develop treatment plans for our patients,” adds Dr. Fehnel. “It is our belief that we need to help keep area residents out of the emergency rooms and hospitals where the truly sick need care, and by providing telehealth evaluation in addition to following safety protocols in our clinics, we will be able to mitigate the viral spread and its impact on our health system.”

For more information on telehealth or to schedule an appointment with Sports Medicine North, please call (978) 818-6350.