North Shore Health Systems Update

There has been a change in our affiliation with the North Shore Health Systems. As of January 1, 2018, Sports Medicine North will no longer be considered in-network providers for North Shore Health Systems patients. Although we will still accept your insurance, your primary care physician may suggest that you discontinue your care with our group, and refer you to another doctor within the Partners contract network. 

Our decision to leave the North Shore Health Systems, a community we have served since 1988, was a difficult one for our group. However, the impact of our decision to leave North Shore Medical Center will affect you positively. It will give you freedom to choose how and where you want your orthopedic surgical care delivered. However, you will need to be vocal to exercise this right. You will need to demand that your primary care doctors refer you to your surgeon at Sports Medicine North. We believe giving you the right to choose is worth a potential increase in expense you may incur as a result of us being out of network. 

It is our hope you will continue to choose Sports Medicine North for your orthopedic care. We will always put your needs first. Please contact us directly for any questions about how we can better serve you going forward.