Total Joint Care

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Determining whether to undergo total joint replacement and revision surgery is a big decision, but one that can result in improved function and mobility. Joint replacement surgery entails replacing a diseased joint—most commonly the hip, knee, or shoulder—with a well-designed and functional artificial implant. Joint replacement surgery is a necessary procedure when considerable cartilage loss occurs in your joint, causing bone-on-bone friction, debilitation, and overbearing pain. Additionally, revision joint replacement surgery is required when there's an infection in the replaced joint, instability in an implanted joint, or when a worn-down artificial joint needs to be replaced and improved.

At Sports Medicine North, our team of total joint replacement and revision surgeons is committed to ensuring the best possible course of treatment and outcome for you. Our surgeons have specialized training and experience in diseases and injuries of the hip, knee, and shoulder joints that may require reconstruction or replacement. Whether you require total hip arthroplasty, total hip replacement, hip revision, total knee arthroplasty, partial knee arthroplasty, knee revision, total shoulder arthroplasty, total shoulder replacement, total shoulder resurfacing, or shoulder revision, Sports Medicine North joint replacement and revision surgeons provide the most advanced minimally invasive techniques that will help restore your function and mobility.

Additionally, recent technological advancements in joint replacement and revision surgery have allowed our orthopedic surgeons to provide better outcomes and quicker recovery times for our patients. Examples of these developments include: more durable implants, enhanced implant designs, and less invasive surgical techniques, such as anterior hip replacement.

The joint replacement and revision surgeons and assisting staff of Sports Medicine North provide state-of-the-art pre and postoperative care, as well as long-term follow-up care. Please be assured that our team of doctors always strives to use conservative treatment methods to help safely return you to activity before considering surgery.

The following Sports Medicine North doctors specialize in total joint replacement and revision: