Patient Reviews of Sports Medicine North

The following are reviews from patients of Sports Medicine North.

Average Rating: 4.95

I went to see Dr. Prokopis after an extremely bad break in my right wrist (dominant hand). He asked me why I traveled all the way to Peabody from Sandown, NH to see him. I said because Sports Medicine North (SMN) is the best. I had never personally had Dr. Prokopis, prior to this, but my sister goes to him and has always spoken highly of him. My mom, sister, and brother have all had surgeries with doctors from SMN with positive experiences. Dr. Prokopis told me that he thought surgery was my best option (Exactly what the emergency room doctor believed too). I knew from the minute I met him I had made the right decision, his compassion, knowledge, and confidence are what gave me the confidence I needed. I had the surgery on 12/5/17 (a plate and 11 screws). It was painful, especially after the block wore off... Poor Dr. Prokopis called and I was in agony and whining. He calmly told me what to do over the next 24 hours. Surprisingly I slept well and within the next 36 hours I barely needed the narcotics and was primarily taking just Tylenol and Advil. Dr. Prokopis explained that I may have some limitations, permanent swelling or not have a full range of motion (ROM). Well fast forward... I finished Occupational Therapy (OT) eight sessions early on 3/16/2018. I'm back at the gym and able to do everything (burpees, planks, etc. I've taken some self-defense classes (Krav Maga) where there is a lot of punching and holding the mitts for others to punch with no issues... I believe that my success has to do with yes some of my own determination, but primarily from an outstanding surgeon. Dr. Prokopis gave me my life back :).

Dr. Evans and his staff are always professional, kind and caring.

Dr. O'Flynn was very professional and took the time to explain everything.

He listens to what your concerns are and if there is anything he can do immediately he will do it. I have been working hard at PT and I feel like I have a great range in motion. When I saw Dr. Mattheos he was excited and impressed with my range of motion. That was a great feeling. I am telling everyone how great Sports Medicine North is, especially Dr. Mattheos. Keep doing what you are doing.

Treated by: Steven Mattheos, M.D.

The experience I had with Sports Medicine was outstanding. Dr. Ozuna was great and he explained everything about the surgery.

Excellent! Great service all the time!! Friendly people and the Doctor is amazing. Great job Dr. Mattheos and physician assistants. I recommend them all the time.

Treated by: Steven Mattheos, M.D.

The whole staff were friendly, showed concern, and the wait time was not an issue. In and out! First broken bone for me at 61! If I need a great Dr. with an incredible staff then this is the one and only Orthopedic Dr. for me! Highly recommend! Thanks to you all for your kindness.

Treated by: Steven Mattheos, M.D.

The staff in Newburyport were pleasant and efficient. Each appointment was quick and painless. Dr. Schwartz was forthcoming with information and that gave me confidence that my surgery would be as successful as it was. I love my new hip!

I saw Dr. Schwartz for my pre-surgery visit. His nurse saw me first and patiently answered my questions and was very reassuring about my upcoming surgery. Dr. Schwartz then greeted me and again explained the procedure to me. I did not feel rushed at all. I am very happy I chose Sports Medicine North and Dr. Schwartz for my total knee replacement. I am going into it with very positive feelings about the outcome.

I was seen at the office at Blackburn Circle, my visits
were very helpful and I was given an honest evaluation
of my knee and the treatments available. My appoints
were scheduled to fit some obligations that I had and
I was in and out quickly with all my questions and concerns fully answered.