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Patient Testimonials

“I came to Dr. Uroskie with a broken wrist. He immediately made me feel relaxed, and explained what to expect. When all was said and done I didn't need to have therapy.  This was my 2nd time where I needed the expertise of your doctors and both times my experience has been better than expected. I have been to Sports Medicine North, and highly recommend them, no matter the problem. – Linda K.”
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Treating Doctor: Jonathan A. Uroskie, M.D.
“Please let me relate my husband's experience with reversed total shoulder replacement surgery performed by Dr. David Fennel and his team at Beverly Hospital.  Prior to the operation date, John and I arrived at the hospital for pre-admission testing and information gathering. The desk attendant was welcoming; the in-take nurse put John at immediate ease, helping to instill calm and confidence for the upcoming procedure. The actual surgery was capably and skillfully performed by Dr. David Fehnel and his exemplary team. The anesthesiologist even displayed a bit of humor, helping to lighten the seriousness of the operation. The various shift nurses and supplemental employees at the Johnson Wing were great during the patients’ overnight stay. When we were asked at the hospital who had performed John's shoulder operation by various personnel, it was apparent to my husband and me that Dr. Fehnel is a very much admired member of the special team by the medical staff.  With the requisite instructions and prescriptions, John came home to Rockport for recovery. Since then, his twice-weekly therapy sessions at Addison Gilbert Hospital have gone very well. At John's post-operative visit, Dr. Fehnel and his physician assistant were both encouraging and motivating, melding professionalism with friendliness. My husband and I are both grateful to have such an excellent medical resource as Beverly Hospital and its proficient staff available to us. We've been most pleased to share our positive experience with our family and friends! – Betty E.”
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Treating Doctor: David J. Fehnel, M.D.
“From the moment I walked in the door, everyone was pleasant and helpful. Dr. Karbassi was awesome! Listened to my complaints as well as what I've tried to date to improve my feet and pain. He looked at the X-rays they had just taken and explained what the cause of the problems are and gave me options....from self-care to orthotics and, as a last resort, surgery. He was very detailed about the surgery and the road to recovery. He looked directly at me when he spoke and I felt like I was the most important patient he had. I like the fact he did not push surgery as the first or only option. He's a unique doctor and I'm so glad I found him! I trust his recommendations and feel I'm in the best hands! Thank you Doctor! – V. M. ”
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Treating Doctor: John A. Karbassi, M.D.
“After seven months of back pain and ineffective treatment, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Richard Ozuna who went over my MRI with me in detail and was very thorough explaining my condition and his procedures! It's has been 10 or 11 weeks since surgery and I am able to do the things I've missed like golf and yard work! Thanks Dr. Richard Ozuna and all the members of his staff! – Wayne R. ”
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Treating Doctor: Richard M. Ozuna, M.D.