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Patient Testimonials

Thank you for choosing Sports Medicine North for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

Read what our patients are saying about Sports Medicine North.

You can also read what our patients are saying about Sports Medicine North by visiting our doctor profiles.

  • “Dr. Fehnel was honest and forthright. He had an assistant come in first who did the preliminaries.”

    – Cathy T.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Everyone was kind and friendly. Dr. Zoric showed compassion during my visit.”

    – Donna Y.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Everyone, including Dr. Shore, was kind and considerate.”

    – Deborah F.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Dr. Schwartz was great.”

    – John M.
  • “My experience with Dr. Schwartz was excellent.”

    – Tom S.
  • “My experience with Dr. Fu was awesome.”

    – Pat S.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “I was extremely pleased with Dr. Lacy. He was very thorough and explained all of my options.”

    – Donna C.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Dr. Miller was on time, did the procedure, and answered my questions. Everything was great.”

    – Jim C.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “My experience with Dr. Fu was positive.”

    – Michael W.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Dr. Shah is a caring, empathetic doctor who asks good questions and provides meaningful answers. Her concern for her patients is evident. I heartily recommend her to anyone needing pain relief or spinal care.”

    – Rene M.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Dr. Bial was very thorough and professional. She took the time to explain my condition and options. I feel very confident in her approach to my treatment.”

    – Bob H.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Dr. Bial was excellent and paid a lot of attention to the details of my case.”

    – Ross F.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Dr. Bial is caring and thorough.”

    – Doug L.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Dr. Bial told me everything she did while performing a spinal injection for back pain. It hurt the least of any I've had over the decades previously. Dr. Bial was friendly and kind too.”

    – Deborah K.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Dr. Zoric was very courteous and professional. The cortisone shot was painless.”

    – Janice C.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “We followed up on a previous injury that was recently exacerbated. Dr. Lacy asked appropriate questions, examined my knee, arranged for me to have a more vital knee brace, and authorized continued PT. All of that seemed reasonable.”

    – Anita F.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Dr. Lacy was very competent and thorough. He answered all my questions.”

    – Mary B.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “My visit with Dr. Evans was very good. All the folks in the office were great, especially James.”

    – Thomas S.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Dr. Bial is a great doctor, surgeon, and person. She answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. She is very knowledgeable. I give her a thumbs-up.”

    – Karen K.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Dr. Fehnel is straightforward and a good man to talk with.”

    – Michael C.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Dr. Mattheos was informative and reassuring about my upcoming procedure.”

    – Anthony P.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Dr. Karbassi and his PA were very kind, listened to what I had to say, and answered all my questions. They put me at ease about my foot injury. I didn’t feel rushed at all. I would highly recommend Dr. Karbassi for any of your foot problems.”

    – Sharon P.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “I had a positive experience with Dr. Uroskie. He was attentive, asked lots of questions, took his time, and gave me more than one treatment option.”

    – Kathleen B.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Dr. Fu was on time, personable, and knowledgeable.”

    – Nabil J.
    Treating Doctor:
  • “Dr. O’Holleran was patient and explained everything we wanted to know. He clearly explained the injury and the next steps. Thank you, Dr. O’Holleran.”

    – Riley H.